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Graphic Design

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graphic design

Quality Designs for Your Professional Image

In graphic & print design I strive to create quality designs that help small businesses, organizations, & ministries project a professional image to their clients and customers.

I aim for quality and customer satisfaction in every project. Because I work independently, I am able to offer professional quality at a lower cost. The rates below reflect a general estimate for my design services, and may be adjusted according to the requirements of individual customer projects. I am always willing to discuss the specifics of your project without cost or obligation, so please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Included in all graphic design projects:

  • FILE FORMATS - PRINT: Graphics/designs created for print will be provided in some or all of the following formats: AI (CMYK), EPS (CMYK), PSD (CMYK), PDF (CMYK vector), JPG (RGB), PNG (RGB)
  • FILE FORMATS - WEB: Graphics/designs created for web use will be provided in one or all of the following formats: JPG (RGB), PNG (RGB)
  • Other file formats may be available upon request, additional charges may apply.
  • COPYRIGHT: Upon completion of project and payment in full, your designs belong entirely to you. I retain ownership of all unused designs & proposals.

Color Modes - A Quick Explanation:

  • RGB: This color mode is what you see on your computer screens, and is best used for web and other digital designs
  • CMYK: This color mode is used for designs to be in print. Keep in mind that when viewing CMYK files on your computer or digital device, the colors will *not* be the same as when they are in print, as your devices can only approximate them using RGB. Some may look similar, while others will look vastly different. Also, super bright colors or neons are not producible by CMYK.
  • PMS or Spot Colors: These are basically like a paint swatch, a specific pre-blended color you choose for use in a design. These can be great if you absolutely need very specific colors or bright, neon colors. These can, however, be expensive to use, depending on your professional printer and how much of the design uses them.

A Word About File Formats

design filesThe list of file formats, and all their acronyms, may seem a bit daunting. Don’t be overwhelmed, though, as each of these files can be useful in different ways, and when a time comes that you need one of the formats, you will be ever so glad it is included in your delivered files. Which files you receive can depend on the type of design you are having done as well as any preferences your professional printer may have. It is ever so helpful to me, the designer, if I know in advance who your printer will be and what their specifications and preferences are. Additionally, there will be differences when delivering a small web graphic versus delivering an extra-large print banner.

Here are short explanations on the file formats and acronyms:

  • AI: Vector format used to create most designs. Vector work that can be resized as small or large as you like without loss of sharp detail.
  • EPS: Vector format great for use in high quality printing and commonly used by professional printers.
  • PDF: A universal file format, easily opened by almost everyone. Used in professional printing. Can include vector or other designs.
  • PSD: Useful for home/office printing. Occasionally requested by professional printers, though vector formats are usually preferred.
  • JPG: Used for web or home/office printing. Easily import into desktop applications like Microsoft Word, and more. Low res (resolution) versions should be used only for web, high res versions can be printed. Backgrounds cannot be transparent.
  • PNG: Similar to JPG, except backgrounds can be completely transparent. Low and high resolution versions should be used according to JPG recommendations above.


Files Infographic

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Logo Files Infographic by Cari Cruse

Making It Great

Your Vision

At the beginning of any project, I strive to listen to YOUR vision - your ideas, your preferences, your goals. I will ask questions from general to specific. I want the design to reflect the spirit of your business or organization and to meet your goals for both function and aesthetics.



Throughout the design process, I will invite your input and keep you apprised of the project at each stage. Through email, I will share previews of variations so you can review the design and even confer with others before I move on to the next stage.

Extra Mile

With every project I go the extra mile. I really listen to your ideas. I pay attention to detail. I research — ideas, similar brands, color theory, shape meanings, history of your locale, and much more — in order to bring more well-rounded ideas to the creation of your design.

Pricing Estimates

♦ Prices are subject to change without notice.
♦ Logo (in proper format) must be provided by client for all projects, or logo design charges will be additional.
♦ NOTE: Prices will vary depending on specific needs of each project. The quotes shown are only approximate.

star See full TERMS OF SERVICE for more information


  • professional style
  • unique branding
  • custom design
  • packet with multiple file formats

starting at $250

Business Card

  • standard 3 1/2″ x 2″
  • 1- or 2-sided
  • format for commercial or self-print

starting at $150



  • 8 1/2″ x 11″ layout
  • matching envelope included
  • format for commercial or self-print

starting at $150


  • letterhead & envelope
  • business card
  • fully coordinated set
  • format for commercial or self-print

starting at $275

One-Page Flier

  • 8 1/2″ x 11″
  • other sizes available
  • full-color PDF
  • one-sided

starting at $150


  • 6-panel (3 per side)
  • 8 1/2″ x 11″
  • other sizes available
  • full-color PDF

starting at $300

Postcard/Photo Announcement

  • standard postcard 6″ x 4 1/4″
  • photo announcement or invitation 4″ x 6″
  • 1- or 2-sided

starting at $150

Shirt Design

  • custom design
  • format for professional printing

starting at $200

Other Graphic Design Services

I offer many more design services to help promote your business or organization - all formatted for commercial printing. Here are just a few!

Banners & Posters: Large-format designs

Product labels & inserts: Full-color labels, promotional inserts, instructions, and more

Web graphics: Facebook covers, banner ads, icons and buttons

Etc.: Need something else? Contact me for info!

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