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Terms of Service for Design

Services Agreement

All projects require acceptance of my Terms of Service.

These terms of service are effective February 1, 2013. Terms may be updated at any time without notice. Please visit to view updated terms.

COMMUNICATION: Working from home, I utilize email for nearly all communication with clients. This also helps to track the flow of ideas and project revisions between clients and myself. While I occasionally will meet with local clients in person, this is not typical and may incur additional fees for the time involved. My project load and commitments make it most efficient to utilize email, and when needed, telephone. I work closely with clients to make certain that I am following their vision for projects, and I keep clients continually updated with in-progress previews of the project.

CONTRACT/AGREEMENT AND PAYMENT: Work will begin upon the client’s acceptance of terms and with receipt of client’s contract/agreement approval and non-refundable** deposit (typically 20% of full estimated price). A signed Agreement will be required for projects quoted over $500. Emailed Agreement approval accepted for projects under $500. Balance in full is due upon completion of project.

- PLEASE NOTE: Payment accepted ONLY through PayPal
- Credit cards processed by PayPal do not require PayPal account –

PACE: Completion deadlines will be provided per project and are based on current workload as well as client’s request and cooperation in prompt response/feedback on drafts, etc. Delays by client in approving submitted previews, providing feedback, or providing required materials or information will result in deadline changes. I reserve the right to alter deadlines due to unforeseen circumstances that can hinder a timely design progress or compromise the integrity of the work. Such changes will be discussed with client at time of change. Revisions/feedback will only be accepted in written form (i.e., email).

PROJECT FILES: At the end of each project, after both the final full payment and written (email) approval is received from client, all required files will be transferred by email and/or cloud storage transfer. Client is required to download all files immediately as the files are not guaranteed to be available after one week. It is highly recommended that client maintain back up copies of all files as I will not be able to replace them in the event files are lost by client. Client ownership of work includes only the final, deliverable art, and not any preliminary work or sketches.

PROMOTION: Unless otherwise requested by client, I reserve the right to display and/or link to your completed project as part of my portfolio and other forms of promotion.

CONFIDENTIALITY: I will maintain the confidentiality of any information you give me relating to the completion of your project.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES: All work beyond original scope of project will be billed at hourly rate (see current rate below).

TERMINATION: Either party may terminate the contract at any time through written request. In the event a client cancels a project before completion, all hours to date will be billed at hourly rate (see current rate below), due and payable immediately.

**Due to the time commitment involved in designing, project deposits are non-refundable & all files from cancelled projects remain my property with no rights transferred to client.

- REVISED 04.2020 –




*subject to change without notice

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